Residential HVAC Services

Why worry about your home heating and air conditioning? The professional technicians at Green Leaf A/C and Heating can provide you with the services you need to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our staff knows the meaning of the words customer service and we make sure you are completely satisfied with our services–whether it’s installing a new unit, repairing an existing unit or anything in between, your satisfaction with our work is important to all of our technicians.

green leaf residential hvac services

We know how frustrating it is when your air conditioning or furnace stops working. That’s why we promise to get to you as fast as possible so we can get your home comfortable again. Our repair service can be as small or as large as you need:

  • Replace Freon
  • Fix thermostat
  • Clean coils on air conditioning unit or clean the furnace
  • Replace the entire air conditioning unit
  • Furnace replacement
  • Heat Pumps and other heating systems
  • …and more

As a locally owned and family operated business, we know the value of an excellent work ethic and outstanding service. That is our philosophy for every service call we make. When our technicians make a service call, we make sure we know what you need. Our technicians will always provide upfront pricing before beginning any job.  And if the job takes longer than we expected, or if more parts are needed, we will not charge you any extra for overtime.

If you are interested in any of our HVAC maintenance plans, give us a call.  Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your heating and air conditioning units in top working order. Most air conditioning units need regular maintenance to function properly.

What makes your HVAC unit dirty and why does it need to be serviced, cleaned and maintained? It’s simple.

  • Dirty coils equal higher operating costs.
  • When coils are dirty, the unit must work harder to cool your home.
  • That requires more electricity and makes for more wear and tear on your unit. We have seen some units lose as much as 30% cooling capacity.
  • To avoid unexpected breakdowns due to dirty coils, and to keep your unit running efficiently, Green Leaf A/C will make a service call to your home and perform maintenance on your unit.

Make the most of your heating and air conditioning unit by scheduling your maintenance calls today with Green Leaf.

Fast Response. Competitive Pricing. Great Service.

That’s the reason our customers keep coming back to Green Leaf for expert servicing of their heating and air conditioning units.