Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Furnace Repair

Is your home colder than you want it to be? Does your furnace smell bad every time it comes on? Let the experts at Green Leaf Air Conditioning and Heating diagnose your furnace problem today. Our skilled and certified HVAC technicians are trained to examine any type of unit and can perform any necessary heater repairs that may need to be done. We can set you up with a maintenance schedule so you can count on us to keep your unit running at peak efficiency throughout the entire winter.

s9x2 trane furnace

Our team is committed to providing you with complete satisfaction. We work our hardest to guarantee that all of our customers are happy with our work and we make sure the job is done correctly the first time. Because we are locally owned and operated, we know you count on us to do our job so we will provide you with up front pricing and if the work will take longer than we quoted or more parts are needed we won’t charge you more than the originally quoted price.

Furnace Replacement and Installation

If we cannot repair your unit, we will help find the best furnace that fits your home, specific situation, and budget. We can install complete heating systems, standalone furnaces, outdoor heating units, and even heat pumps. We want to make sure your home is ready for the bitter winters.

furnace and heat pump repair and installation

Heat Pump

A heat pump works identically to an air conditioner when cooling your home in the summer. The primary difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump is this: a heat pump can also heat your home in cooler weather!

How A Heat Pump Works

When the thermostat registers air inside as being too warm, the heat pump turns on, and begins compressing a gas called refrigerant. This turns the gas into a chilled liquid, which is then pumped inside to the indoor coil. Warm air is pulled from the home via return air duct(s), and forced through the chilled indoor coil. This cools and dehumidifiers the air, and is the same process used by a standard air conditioner.

xl15i heat pump

In cooler weather, a heat pump essentially reverses the cooling process by absorbing heat energy from the outside air, and then dissipating that into the air inside. Even when outside air is cold, there is still heat energy in it.

Heat Pump Efficiency

A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is used to measure the efficiency of a heat pump when cooling. A Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is used to measure heating efficiency. Remember that the quality of your installation and the design and condition of your ductwork has a huge affect on overall heating and air conditioning efficiency.

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