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AC Problems in Hutto

Hutto is a small city located in Williamson, Texas. The city only has a total of 7.75 square miles. It is home to about 15,000 people according to the census which was conducted in 2010. The relatively good economic conditions in Hutto have allowed homeowners to purchase and install air conditioner units in their houses and offices. These air conditioner units have been beneficial to them as they have made their daily lives more comfortable. However, it is not uncommon for these cooling systems to experience some AC problems. There are five common air conditioner problems that the people in Hutto, Texas encounter.

The first is faulty wiring, which is caused by haphazard or improper wiring. It is important to make sure to have proper wiring materials because faulty electrical wiring may lead to fire. Having faulty wiring may also lead to a trip in the circuit breaker.

The second is having low refrigerant which is the chemical that cools the air. Having a low Freon level may indicate a problem or a leak in the refrigerant system of your air conditioner unit.

The third is when the outside fan, which is responsible for transferring the heat from indoor to outdoor, is not working. If this problem is not fixed, the air conditioner unit may overheat.

The fourth is when the outside unit is not functional, which is commonly caused by a faulty thermostat, contractor problems, or an indication of insufficient power.

The fifth most common problem of air conditioner units is having a frozen inside coil. This is an indication of a problem with the airflow of the unit.

These are the five most common air conditioner unit problems that they face and finding the immediate solutions to them will be greatly beneficial to the people of Hutto. That is why you need to be sure that you have a trusted AC repair contractor listed in your phone so you can give them a call when your cooling systems starts to act up.

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Air Conditioner Repair in Cedar Park

Installing an air conditioner in homes or offices has been necessary in order to bear the weather, especially during the summer when we experience the scorching heat of the sun. Having an AC really makes homes and offices more livable with the cool and comfortable air they give off. People tend to be more efficient in their work environment when they are comfortable, and having an air conditioner unit in offices provides great comfort. As a result, they can concentrate better in the tasks assigned to them. Keeping a family comfortable and healthy at home is also easier with an air conditioner unit, especially for those who have children. The kids are more relaxed when they are playing since it isn't hot and humid in the house. Parents do not have to worry so much about having sweaty or sick children since the air conditioner unit is able to provide an atmosphere that is cool.

The things mentioned above are only some of the many benefits that people can get when they have a proper functioning air conditioning unit. There are instances when these air conditioner units breakdown and malfunction. This can be a real hassle, especially when you need the air conditioner unit the most. It can really contribute to the disruption of your daily activities. When this happens, people seek out a quick remedy. They want to immediately contact and hire professionals who can fix their air conditioner unit and make it function like normal once again. For the people who are living in Cedar Park, Texas, you need to contact GreenLeaf for all of your AC repair needs!

They offer emergency service calls and they will be able to take care of whatever kind of problem your unit is experiencing, whether it's leaking, making odd noises, or just isn't coming on at all or cooling your home like it should. If the problem can't be fixed, a replacement unit can be installed to keep your home or office environment cool and comfortable all season long.


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AC Installation in Round Rock

Round Rock is a city found in Texas that is home to over 99, 887 people, according to the 2010 consensus. It is found in Williamson County. This area is also known to be the 35th largest metropolitan area in the country. The geographical location of Round Rock gives the city varying temperatures throughout the year. There are months when the city experiences humid days and there are months when the city experiences rather colder weather. The changes in the temperatures have forced people to install AC units in their homes and offices in order to bear the weather. Round Rock experiences an average high of 96 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 72 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer - so as you can see, an air conditioner is necessary.

Most people hire professionals in order to get a new AC installed. One of the most common types of ACs used is the split system, and this is a cooling system that needs to be set up by the professionals.

The first part of the AC installation is installing the indoor unit. You must find an unobstructed location, particularly a wall, where you can properly mount your AC. The wall has to be strong enough to support the weight of the AC. Otherwise; the HVAC professional might need to install a wood to support its weight. You must avoid heat sources, direct sunlight, or areas where gas may leak. The next thing that you must do is drill holes into the wall in order to place the mounting plate which will support the unit. The plastic anchors must be inserted into the holes with taping screws. You also need to drill a hole that is about 7.5 centimeters in diameter for the piping. Check the electrical connections of your AC unit to ensure that they match the ones provided for in the diagram. Then connect the pipes to your AC unit from the outside of the house. Lastly, secure your AC unit by pressing it into the mounting plate.

For the outdoor condenser, you need to choose a location that is away from dusty or hot areas. The first thing to do is to lay the pad on a level ground. The outdoor condenser will be set on top of the pad. It would also be better if you use rubber cushioning under its feet in order to minimize vibrations. Then connect all electrical wires. Make sure that you follow all the instructions since this part is crucial to get your AC unit working. Finally, secure the flare nuts of the pipes to the corresponding pipes found on the outdoor unit.

To ensure there will be no problems and that your AC unit will be fully functional, there are three more things that you need to do. First is to check that the heat and humidity from the refrigerant circuit will be properly exhausted. Second is to wrap insulating conductor and tape around the piping. Third is to use clamps in order to fix the piping to the wall. Finally, use expanding polyurethane foam to seal up the hole on the wall.


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Furnace Control Board

The particular call was called by a customer in Round Rock that said her furnace would not come on nor the AC. We went immediately to the board indicating a lock out on based on the number of flashes. I reset the switch on the furnace so it can reset and it started it's course to try and heat. After it's 90 second delay of the blower running, the inducer came on, the click on the control board never ignited the spark ignitor. Of course if you been doing this line you know right away when it cycles and how it cycles. I did a volt check to find the control board bad. Now this is not for someone who doesn't understand or who is not trained. A professional is recommended for this line of work; It is simply a heads up for customers to get a better idea in what they are up against. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

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Frozen Outdoor Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump not warming up your home? Take a look at the outdoor unit and notice it frozen? Good chances are the Defrost board, Ambient sensor, or the defrost sensor is bad. If the any of these items are not working they don't not allow system to go into a defrost mode and therefore not allowing your unit not work properly. Keep in mind Heat pumps DO NOT WORK in freezing temperatures. It cannot bring the heat from the outside Ambient air into your home which is why the Aux Heat will kick in. Feel free to call me if you have anymore questions!

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