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Furnace Maintenance Tips Before the Winter

It's getting colder, and before you know it, it will be time to huddle around the fireplace and sip some hot tea. The last thing you want is to find out, with the temperature below freezing outside, that your furnace doesn't work. It's important to prepare your furnace for the winter, so here are some furnace maintenance tips.

Change the Filters

You should replace your old filters before you use the furnace again. It's also a good time to stock up on filters for the winter, as it is recommended that filters be replaced every three months when the furnace is in use.

Clear the Chimney

Make sure that no tree branches, leaves, bird nests, or other debris are blocking the chimney.

Clean the Burner

When not in use, the burners can get filled with dust and may even become rusty. Make sure that they are clean and ready to be used.

Oil the Motor

You may want to oil the motor, or furnace blower, before you turn it on. This will help it run more smoothly.

Unblock Your Heating Vents

It's common practice to position furniture in a way that's blocking the furnace vents during the summer months. However, you must remember to move away any such furniture when the winter comes around. Blocked vents can cause your furnace to overheat.

Schedule an Inspection

If you really want to be sure that everything is safe and ready to use, it's a good idea to call a professional. A professional will know what to look for, be able to spot potential problems such as cracks, and clean your furnace.

To schedule an inspection, just contact us.

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Three Top Houseplant Varieties for Indoor Air Quality Improvement

If you've ever heard of NASA's study on plants and air quality, you may know that some houseplants can actually remove contaminants from your air. For maximum air cleaning value, it's important to use one large, flourishing plant per hundred square feet of interior space (or if you prefer, two smaller plants per hundred square feet). You can further optimize your results by using the plants that are best at removing the type of contaminants you're having trouble with, since not all houseplants are equally good at removing all contaminants. Here are three common varieties that can remove common contaminants from your air.

1. Ivy

English ivy can remove common volatile organic compounds (chemicals known as VOCs for short), such as benzene and formaldehyde, from the air. They also like to "eat" mold spores. The bigger the ivy plant is, the better!

2. Peace lilies

Another favorite indoor plant, peace lilies are also great at removing VOCs from the air. These chemicals can come from any conventional cleaners used in your home and even from new paint, manufactured furniture, and other facets of life.

3. Lady palm

Lady palm trees specialize in removing ammonia from your air. Whether the ammonia in your air comes from bathroom cleaner or a cat's litter box, lady palms can make your space healthier by absorbing it for you.

These three types of plants are some of the best, since they're highly efficient at chemical removal as well as being attractive and easy to care for. However, use caution if you have pets, since both peace lilies and ivy can be toxic to pets if ingested. Contact us for more information on air quality improvement strategies.

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Furnace Maintenance - Avoid the Dangers of a Dirty Furnace Filter

The time to give thought to your furnace filter is before you need it. Don't make the mistake of waiting until your furnace malfunctions and you are facing the extreme cold. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is important, and even essential, especially in homes having very young, elderly, or residents with medical conditions.

Regular furnace maintenance is necessary to keep your unit in top performing condition. Build-up of dust can cause units to malfunction and create problems that will be expensive to repair in the long run. Safety inspections are also important to make sure the unit is operating safely.

A dirty filter has to work twice as hard to heat your home efficiently and reduces the air quality throughout your home. Dust and debris restrict air flow, reducing efficiency and eventually can cause your unit to overheat and shut down too quickly, leaving you in a cold house. If this happens too many times, your unit could ultimately fail.

You should change your furnace filter periodically, at least every 4 to 6 weeks during cold weather. Have a HVAC service repair technician perform maintenance services to keep your unit in peak operating condition.

Never try to repair a HVAC unit yourself. There is a lot of detailed work involved from wiring systems, ductwork, coils, and compressors. For wiring problems, you may end up injuring yourself. It is best to save yourself hassle and injury by calling a qualified service technician who is highly trained and experienced in repairing heating units.

Autumn is here and winter is closing in fast! Now is the time to make sure your furnace is in working order before the cold weather kicks in for good. Take some time for maintenance now and stay warm and toasty this fall and winter.

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Time To Consider Thermostat Replacement or Upgrade

With the transition from the summer heat to the cold winter temperatures, it is a great time to consider making a change to a programmable thermostat. There are a number of benefits to consider which can make your summer and winter more bearable along with the energy bill you open up. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Many offer a 7 day programming, meaning you can set and forget your comfort levels for the entire week.
  • If your schedule has an unexpected change, you can override the thermostat to meet your current needs at that time, without having to re-program the whole system.
  • According to the website, you could save as much as 10% a year by properly adjusting your thermostat. This can be done easily with a programmable thermostat, helping you save that money with little effort and make up the cost spent on replacing the old thermostat.
  • Some of these thermostats even offer a keypad lockout, meaning you can keep fidgeting fingers out of your settings and stay on track to saving money, and maintaining an efficient heating and cooling system.
  • Other features available include multiple control zones, meaning your system works where it is needed most and humidity controls to add extra comfort where older thermostats don't even venture.

As you consider replacing your current thermostat with a programmable thermostat, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have and keep Green Leaf A/C and Heating in mind when it comes to any heating and air conditioning repairs or services you may need.

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5 Simple Tips for Home Furnace Repair

With temperatures falling and winter right around the corner, the last thing anyone wants is a furnace that doesn't blow out hot air. A number of events can lead to this problem, ranging from simple fixes to those that are more complex and require a professional. To determine the severity of your furnace's blower issues, follow these simple tips for home furnace repair.


Locate the fuse box for the home and check your furnace for power.  A power outage, storm, or a power surge through the electrical system of the house can blow the fuse. 


Check the thermostat to make sure it is set correctly. Set the thermostat to "heat" and the fan to "auto." Turn the thermostat up 3-5 degrees than the current room temperature to see if the heat comes on. If your thermostat is digital, replace the batteries.  

Filters and Vents

Check vents to ensure that they are open and nothing is obstructing air flow. Locate the air filter in the furnace and remove it for examination. A clogged and dirty filter can affect the air that comes through the ventilation ducts. Replace the filter if necessary. 

Check the Furnace Door

An open door will cause the furnace not to work, so ensure that it is fully closed.

Reset the Furnace

Follow the owner's manual for resetting the furnace. The reset process normally requires turning the reset button or switch off for five minutes, then turning it back on. If you have a pilot light for your furnace, check to make sure it is on. If it's not, follow the manufacturer's guide to re-light it. 

If you've completed all the previous steps, and your furnace still isn't blowing out hot air, it's time to call in the professionals. 

Contact us for all your furnace repair needs!

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