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The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Considering indoor air is between two and five times more polluted than outdoor air, you can understand the importance of indoor air quality improvement. Since you probably spend at least 90% of your time indoors (sleeping, working, going to school), this should greatly concern you. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) believes 72% of chemical exposure occurs in your home, which is probably the area you think is the safest, but which is in fact, the most hazardous.

What makes your indoor air so healthy? There are several things including:

  • Chemicals used in furnishings, building materials and cleaning products.
  • Mold caused by moisture problems emits particulates causing negative health effects. Unfortunately, it's impossible to eliminate mold spores. All you can do is reduce them by promptly repairing moisture problems before mold develops.
  • Particulates emitted from various products in your home (e.g. furnishings, building materials, various other home and office products, dirt, dust) trigger allergies and respiratory issues. This is why you want welcome mats in place and you also want to change your air filters regularly.
  • Poor ventilation is found in most of the buildings people spend most of their time in. While these buildings are tightly sealed and insulated to keep outdoor air from getting in, indoor air is continually recirculated. This is a great way to lower your energy costs, but it has a negative effect on your air quality.

Keeping your air clean is as much of a priority for you as it is for us. So, when you want to clean up your air and keep it that way, make sure you contact us so we can help.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

The last thing you want to come home to on a hot day is an equally hot house. A malfunctioning or worse, non-functioning air conditioner is not a pleasant surprise. The experts at Green Leaf A/C and Heating suggest these troubleshooting tips before calling for help.

Air Conditioner Won't Turn On

There are several basic things to check in this situation. Start with the thermostat, is it switched to the "cool" position? Also be sure that the thermostat batteries aren't dead. This is a common, often overlooked issue. 

Confirm that there is actually power to the unit. There are several locations to check. Many times a switch is in the off position or stuck between two settings.  A thrown breaker or a blown fuse could also be the culprit. 

Air Conditioner Running, But Not Blowing Cool Air

This usually happens when you have a dirty filter. Some units have a feature to detect a clogged filter and will shut down completely. Scheduled maintenance service plans are a great way to ensure regular filter replacement. 

Fan Not Running or Turning

Refer to your owner's maintenance manual. Some motors or fans may require regular oiling and cleaning. If the fan isn't running, locate the reset or override switch on the outside compressor. Check the setting and reset the switch if needed. If it still doesn't start turning, you may need to perform a cleaning.

Remove any debris such as sticks, leaves or other items that have found their way inside the unit. If it still won't turn after cleaning, it could be a refrigerant leak or a bad capacitor. These are issues you shouldn't try to fix yourself.

AC Motor Running, But Not Blowing Air

This scenario could be a sign of a broken belt between the fan and motor. Turn the unit off and confirm if the belt is still intact. 

If you've tried these suggestions and still need help, contact our trained professionals. We also offer free second opinions so you'll know you're getting the right work done.

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Residential Air Conditioning: Fall is the Perfect Time for Maintenance

Every winter and summer, radio ads for heating and cooling companies abound. It's every homeowner's nightmare: the heating system failing in the winter or the cooling system failing in the summer. Without temperature control, a house is completely uninhabitable. Yet, it happens every year, to countless people who neglect to do the proper preventative maintenance. 

When To Do Maintenance

Spring and Fall are the perfect seasons to do preventative maintenance. During the winter and summer, HVAC technicians usually get swamped with trying to fix completely broken systems, and maintenance issues get pushed to the side. There are a few things that Energy Star recommends you to do monthly, such as changing your filter. 

Why You Need A Professional

Although there are some things that you can do monthly or seasonally on your own to keep your air conditioning unit in tip-top shape, there are also a few things that it might behoove you to hire a professional for. For example, dealing with the furnace humidifier and ensuring that the water flow to the unit matches the upcoming season. A professional can safely inspect refrigerant lines as well.

Hiring a Professional for Fall Maintenance

Regardless of who you hire for your fall maintenance, you want a company that delivers, provides professional technicians, and respects your property. Few HVAC companies in the Austin, Texas area stand out the way that Green Leaf HVAC does. If you're looking for professional, on-time service from a company that offers a free second opinion, look no further. Expertise voted them the best HVAC company in the Austin area for 2016, so give them a call and let them earn your business!

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Commercial AC Services Help Keep Restaurant Employees Comfortable

In a restaurant setting, you probably know just how hot it can get. Even though you might not want to run the air conditioning on too low of a temperature because you don't want your dining room to be too cold for your customers, you might find yourself wanting to reach for the thermostat on a regular basis. After all, with commercial stoves and ovens running constantly, it can be easy for your commercial kitchen to heat up fast.

There's a pretty good chance that you aren't the only one who has noticed that your restaurant kitchen is hot. Whether they have made complaints about it or not, there's a good chance that your employees are hot, too. The cooks who have to stand over the hot equipment and the steaming food during a busy shift are probably hot, too, as are your servers who probably spend a lot of time running in and out of the kitchen.

This can result in employees who are hot, cranky and miserable, which certainly isn't good for morale. Plus, it's probably not going to look too good on your restaurant if your servers are communicating with customers while they look sweaty and disheveled. Overall, a hot restaurant kitchen is not something that you should ignore.

Luckily, a company that offers commercial HVAC services can help. You can have a separate air conditioning unit installed in your kitchen, for example, so that you can adjust the temperature to combat the heat of the cooking appliances without making the dining room uncomfortably cold. You can also make sure that your air conditioning unit is in good condition and is working as efficiently and effectively as possible to prevent break-downs and to potentially save your restaurant money on cooling bills.

If you are ready to do something about your hot restaurant kitchen, or if you need any other commercial HVAC services, contact us at Green Leaf A/C and Heating today!

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Indoor Air Quality Improvement in Office Buildings

Office workers grumble about a lot of things:  somebody is always talking too much, a favorite pen gets stolen, the copier is on the fritz - again. But when it's too humid in the office, or too cold, or an unpleasant, musty smell permeates the air, even the C-suite gets hot under the collar.

Serious health problems are rare, but air quality problems do affect the comfort and productivity of office workers. Some workers may complain that they experience headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, coughs and other issues while at work, and say the symptoms go away when they go home. 

When it becomes too much - and that doesn't take very long - building managers are the first to hear about poor air quality in the office. And the first culprit everyone suspects is the cause for their misery is the HVAC system. While all office air troubles can't be pinned on it, proper ventilation and care of a building's HVAC system will go a long way toward indoor air quality improvement

According to OSHA, three of the most common causes of indoor air quality problems are:

  • Not enough ventilation, lack of fresh outdoor air or contaminated air being brought into the building
  • Poor upkeep of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems, and
  • Dampness and moisture damage due to leaks, flooding or high humidity

The American Industrial Hygiene Association says that many indoor air quality complaints originate with the HVAC system failing to meet occupants’ comfort needs, either by not adequately controlling temperature and humidity levels or by not delivering outside air evenly to occupants.

When the HVAC system removes more building air than it supplies, negative pressure forces unconditioned air and contaminants to flow into the building through any open gap. Standing water in humidifiers, air conditioning units, and boiler pans can become contaminated with bacteria and fungi. 

OSHA does not have indoor air quality standards, but it does have standards about ventilation and standards on some of the air contaminants that can be involved in indoor air quality problems. OSHA also requires employers to provide workers with a safe and healthful workplace. 

Be sure to contact us if you want to discuss our ongoing maintenance plans to keep your building's HVAC system running smoothly. With scheduled service, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that all your HVAC systems are being checked out and serviced on a regular basis. Not only can this avoid unexpected breakdowns and help keep energy costs at a minimum, it will also keep the office workers happy and healthy.

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