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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Thermostat

Thermostats used to be ridiculously simple, but not in a good way. While there are some simplistic things that make life easier, outdated thermostats aren't one of them. As thermostats have leaped forward in technology over the past few years, more and more homeowners have started to realize the hassle that comes with their outdated versions, not to mention the added electricity expenses that accompany them. More and more people have been going forward with thermostat replacement and upgrades, even if their older version is still working. 

Why You Should Upgrade Before Your Old Thermostat Breaks

In some circumstances, it's a money-saver to use what you have until you no longer can. Outdated thermostats that aren't equipped with "smart technology" will actually cost you more money over time. While you'll be out the money to initially upgrade and install the new thermostat, you will begin saving money on electricity bills as soon as the new one is installed. On average homeowners who replace their outdated thermostats with upgraded versions save around 20% on their heating and cooling bills. So, over time, it'll actually cost you more to stick with your old version until it no longer works.

It Does the Work for You

Smart technology works for you, saving you money, by allowing you to program different temperatures for different times of the day. Are you going to be away from the house for a long period of time? Perhaps you don't mind the temperature being a bit warmer during those hours. If so, you can program a higher "set temperature" during those hours, and set it to cool down again before you come home. Do you get warmer at night while you're bundled up with covers? It's not uncommon to wake up in the middle of the night and feel suffocated by the heat. However, if you set your old thermostat lower, you might be too cold when you wake up. Again, programming comes to the rescue. Set your desired temperature lower for most of the night, but have it warm the house an hour before you have to wake up and toss the warm covers off. Another great thing about smart thermostats is that many of them will switch between heating and cooling for you, ensuring that on days where the outside temperature is all over the place, your house remains at the perfect, desired temperature. 

Easy Installation

It doesn't take much time or effort for our professionals to install your new thermostat, and once it's done your thermostat will automatically download any updates to the software that's needed over time. This will help keep you up to date with any and all advancements. Carrier Thermostats are compatible with almost any brand of heating or cooling system so everyone can reap the many benefits of the smart thermostat technology. 

We provide three different Carrier thermostats for you to choose from so that you can ensure you're getting exactly what you need for ultimate comfort. So, if you want to start saving on electricity bills and rid your life of the hassle that comes from outdated thermostats, please contact us to learn more about the thermostats we offer or to set up an installation. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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Time To Consider Thermostat Replacement or Upgrade

With the transition from the summer heat to the cold winter temperatures, it is a great time to consider making a change to a programmable thermostat. There are a number of benefits to consider which can make your summer and winter more bearable along with the energy bill you open up. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Many offer a 7 day programming, meaning you can set and forget your comfort levels for the entire week.
  • If your schedule has an unexpected change, you can override the thermostat to meet your current needs at that time, without having to re-program the whole system.
  • According to the website, you could save as much as 10% a year by properly adjusting your thermostat. This can be done easily with a programmable thermostat, helping you save that money with little effort and make up the cost spent on replacing the old thermostat.
  • Some of these thermostats even offer a keypad lockout, meaning you can keep fidgeting fingers out of your settings and stay on track to saving money, and maintaining an efficient heating and cooling system.
  • Other features available include multiple control zones, meaning your system works where it is needed most and humidity controls to add extra comfort where older thermostats don't even venture.

As you consider replacing your current thermostat with a programmable thermostat, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have and keep Green Leaf A/C and Heating in mind when it comes to any heating and air conditioning repairs or services you may need.

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