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The hot, humid Texas summers are no time to take the risk of unexpected air conditioning breakdowns. It can be extremely dangerous to live at home during the hottest days of the year without air conditioning. Green Leaf A/C and Heating is a leading Austin air conditioning company. Our Avery Ranch location is dedicated to making sure your family is safe and cool throughout the summer in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Our customers’ safety is our highest concern at Green Leaf. Our job is to make sure you have no worries about your cooling system all summer long.

The team at Green Leaf provides the highest quality service, HVAC installation, and repairs in our service area. We follow the most up-to-date safety regulations to keep your cooling system up to code and operating at maximum efficiency. We are a local business with the proper licensing and insurance to work in your home and provide heating and air conditioning systems that your family can count on all throughout the year.
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Air Conditioning Installation

If you have an older HVAC system, it may be nearing the end of its life. Homeowners who are building a new home will need a heating and air conditioning unit before they move in. Green Leaf A/C and Heating is proud to offer our quality services in the Avery Ranch area. Our highly trained technicians can help you select the best HVAC unit to meet your specific needs and get you set up with a quality air conditioning unit before the heat of summer sets in.

Air Conditioning Repair

The technicians at our Avery Ranch location can install, maintain, and repair nearly any quality brand HVAC unit in your home. If you have an issue that doesn’t seem right, we are the team to call to inspect your air conditioning unit. If your system needs repair, we can get things up and running for you in no time. Keep an eye out for the following issues that may mean a problem with your ac unit.

  • Airflow. If there is no air coming through your vents, a number of problems may be affecting your cooling system.
  • Weak airflow. If the air coming through your vents is not cooling as efficiently as it should be, it could indicate a blockage, dirty evaporator coil, or low refrigerant.
  • Air temperature. If your air conditioner is putting out air but the air is warm or not as cool as you would expect, it could indicate a thermostat problem.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When you invest in a high-quality HVAC unit, you want to be sure it is always operating at its best. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you keep up with routine maintenance and service. Staying on top of HVAC care helps to catch potential problems before they create more costly issues. We keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and save you money along the way.

Home Heating

The summer heat in the Austin, Texas area eventually lets up. When cooler winter temperatures arrive, it means you need all aspects of your HVAC running well. That’s why our expert staff knows just as much about heating systems as we do about air conditioning. We are at the ready to address your heating service needs when winter arrives.

Heating System Installation

When you are building your home, you have to keep both heating and cooling in mind. The HVAC systems we install at Green Leaf’s Avery Ranch location are the finest in the industry. Our aim is to make your heating system installation as simple and pain-free as possible, so that you have nothing to worry about when winter rolls around. Whether you are replacing an old HVAC unit or building a new home, we’re the quality service team to call on.

Heating System Repair

When you suspect something is malfunctioning with your heating system, don’t waste time. There are a few signs that indicate you should call a professional repair service with years of experience to handle the problem for you. A few things to watch for include:

  • Aging heating system units
  • Sudden increases in heating costs
  • Popping, rattling or groaning noises

Heating System Maintenance

Regular maintenance to your heating system is every bit as important as maintaining your air conditioner. Our technicians excel at keeping your HVAC system running efficiently and safely all year long. We can diagnose potential problems and perform your HVAC repair at affordable prices, to keep your family safe and comfortable.

No matter what your HVAC needs in Avery Ranch are, Green Leaf is prepared to handle them quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Whether you are in need of HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance, our team provides the high quality HVAC service our customers have come to expect. Call us today at (512) 636-9636 to schedule an appointment.

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