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Texas heat is famous for a reason – conditions can go from downright miserable to dangerous on many of the hottest days of the summer. When it’s this hot, it is essential to have a cool, comfortable retreat from the summer heat. Unfortunately, when your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, you risk your health and safety in addition to your comfort. At Green Leaf A/C and heating, your health is our highest priority.

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Our team of professional technicians provide air conditioning services to Georgetown and the entire Austin area, ensuring residents have continuous access to excellent air quality, efficient cooling systems, and safe airflow no matter your system.

We are a proud, local Texas business with years of experience as an HVAC contractor and backed by full licensing and insurance. Even more importantly, we take care to ensure each technician on our staff is fully trained and qualified before performing any customer work. As a result, our installation, repair, and maintenance work will ensure you have a safe, properly functioning HVAC system.

Air Conditioning Services

Georgetown and the surrounding areas are home to some of the hottest summers in the country. For that reason, Texas air conditioning services affect your health and safety in addition to your comfort. It is important to use quality services to ensure your air conditioning unit remains in proper working order. Whether you have a home, business, or both, our expert technicians will perform the installation, repair, and maintenance you need to keep your AC unit running at peak performance.

AC Repair

When your system is not operating as it should, you could be risking your health as well as your comfort. Contact Green Leaf for expert inspection, diagnostic, and repair services. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to call a technician:

  • No airflow. The biggest warning sign that your air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly is a lack of air flowing through your vents. You’ll need a technician to diagnose the issue and suggest necessary repairs to restore your AC unit to working condition.
  • Reduced or weakened airflow. If inadequate airflow is preventing your home or business from reaching a comfortable temperature, the problem could range from a blockage to refrigerant leakage and more. A technician can assess your system and perform the repairs needed.
  • Room temperature airflow. If the air flowing from your vents is not cool, you could be causing undue stress on your system. Contact Green Leaf for diagnostics of this common air conditioning repair issue.

AC Unit Installation

Whether you need a new HVAC unit for new construction or simply wish to replace an older or broken unit, Green Leaf has the quality advice and the expert technicians to ensure your installation goes off without a hitch. Our technicians are up-to-date on the essential information regarding all the most popular brands and types of HVAC units, which means your unit will be installed the right way, and in a timely manner. If you need a new air conditioning system, you can rely on Green Leaf.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Proper scheduled maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your air conditioner functioning at peak levels throughout the hottest parts of the summer. Our staff of technicians can perform yearly tune-ups, recommend upgrades, or perform regular repairs to prolong the life of your system. As an added bonus, your system will continue to function at an efficient level all year long.

Heating Services

Despite the hot summers, winters in Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, and other Austin area locations can become excessively chilly. For that reason, you’ll want to ensure your heating system is in good repair long before the colder months arrive. Green Leaf A/C and Heating has the expertly trained staff to ensure your HVAC system is properly installed and maintained, as well as perform any necessary repairs along the way.

HVAC System Repair Services

When your furnace or heat pump stops functioning normally in the dead of winter, you need quality repair services to keep the air in your home or business warm and comfortable. If you notice any of these issues, contact Green Leaf A/C and Heating as soon as possible:

  • Excessive heating bills. If you notice serious fluctuations in heating costs, you may need heating repair. A technician can diagnose the issue and perform any necessary work to return your system to peak efficiency.
  • Unexplained noises. If you notice creaking, popping, rumbling, or other strange noises coming from your vents, it’s a likely sign of imminent HVAC problems. Contact Green Leaf for identification and repair of these issues.
  • Outdated furnace. An older furnace is more likely to require frequent repairs. Be sure to contact a technician to address any HVAC repair issues before they lead to system failure.

Furnace Installation Services

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new HVAC system to replace an old one or need a new installation in a new home or business, Green Leaf technicians will ensure your installation occurs in a timely manner. We provide all technicians with frequent training on the newest models. Better yet, our expertise guarantees you smooth, hassle-free installation.

Heating System Maintenance

Regardless of age, the best way to prolong your heater’s life is by performing annual maintenance. Proper tuneups ensure your system is running efficiently and can identify any problems before they necessitate emergency service. Our technicians will perform service, suggest upgrades, and keep your system in top shape for years to come.

We’re proud to serve the Georgetown and Austin areas with our expert HVAC services. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call today at (512) 636-9636. Alternatively, you can request an appointment via our online form.

Warning Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner

If you happen to notice any of the following, then you should get in touch with us as soon as possible for ac repair work:

  • Unit isn’t coming on at all, or is randomly switching off on its own
  • Puddles are forming around the base of the system, or you can see noticeable leaks
  • Certain rooms or levels in the home feel much warmer than they should
  • The thermostat is broken or is saying the home is at a specific temperature when it’s really not
  • Unit is making odd noises when running

We can provide you with the following HVAC services in your area.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, our experts will carefully and thoroughly inspect your system to determine what’s going on. After we figure it out, we will come up with a plan of action for getting the cooling system running efficiently once again to keep your home and family cool and comfortable. There’s no reason to suffer all season long in a hot, humid, and miserable home!

HVAC Company

We have been in business for over 14 years, so you can rest assured knowing that we have the experience and skill set needed to handle any kind of AC problem, from minor to complex. We can fix damaged coils, parts, thermostats, you name it. We promise to show up on time for your appointment, and we will also make sure that we aren’t tracking dirt and debris through your family’s home.

We also carry products to help improve your air quality and increase energy efficiency to save you money.

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